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a unique collaboration of specialist creative agencies providing print and digital design, editorial and advertising services for the arts.APPLAUD

Cultural events have very specific needs when creating literature, marketing strategies and websites.

Out of our personal passions for the arts we have developed three complementary businesses, each with a professional specialism for the performance industry. We can recreate online and in print the anticipation, excitement and dynamism of theatre, musical, concert, festival and exhibition aimed at different audiences, including children, families and adults.


APPLAUD can provide the complete package or individual elements crafted to your requirements. We include: Graphic Design London, offering web design, e-shots and animated advertising; Koko Creative with editorial and design solutions including copywriting, branding, illustration, graphics, programmes, brochures and magazines; while Greshco provide the essential support of advertising revenue and targeted media buying.

We turn the experience of performance and events into visuals and words to generate interest and anticipation. Working with you, as part of the crew, we can shine a spotlight on your production, finding new audiences and delighting established audiences, and producing quality publicity material to be read and remembered for keeps.